Enhancing professionalism in the U.S. Air Force / Jennifer J. Li, Tracy C. McCausland, Lawrence M. Hanser,...

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  • Enhancing professionalism in the U.S. Air Force / Jennifer J. Li, Tracy C. McCausland, Lawrence M. Hanser,...
  • Santa Monica (Calif.) Rand corporation
  • C 2017
  • 1 vol. (XVIII-112 pages) : ill., graph., tabl.; 28 cm
  • [Research report] RR-1721-AF
  • 978-0-8330-9700-2
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  • 9780833097002
  • [Research report] RR-1721-AF
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  • RR-1721-AF
  • La p. de titre porte en plus : "Prepared for the United States Air Force"
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  • Contrat no "FA7014-06-C-0001"
  • Bibliographie pages 101-112
  • Introduction Defining Air Force Professionalism An Examination of Professionalism-Related Events from the Recent Past Violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice as an Indicator of Failures of Professionalism Civilian and Military Attitudes Related to Professionalism A Snapshot of Learning Opportunities Related to Air Force Professionalism Applying Themes from Organizational Culture and Change to Strengthen Professionalism Conclusions and Recommendations Appendix A: Ethical Incidents and Professionalism Efforts Appendix B: Airmen's Ethical Transgressions in the Air Force Times
  • La 4e de couv. indique : "This report takes a broad approach to answering the overarching question, "How can the U.S. Air Force best improve the professionalism of its personnel ?" The authors examine the definition of professionalism and what it means in the Air Force. They then look at past actions the Air Force, the U.S. Department of Defense, and other U.S. military services have taken dating back to the last substantial Air Force initiatives related to professionalism. In the absence of objective metrics specifically intended to measure professionalism, the authors examined statistics of cases in which professionalism was lacking, as evidenced by documented violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For subjective metrics, the authors looked at trends in attitudes related to professionalism from surveys of civilian federal employees and uniformed service members. They then examined a selection of courses and seminars to understand the Air Force learning opportunities currently being offered and how they relate to the Air Force strategic road map for professionalism and instructional practices more conducive to building Air Force professionalism. Finally, the authors examined the literature on organizational culture and change to identify how the Air Force might effect changes on this dimension. The report offers key findings and conclusions from these investigations and provides recommendations for further actions to support the effort to enhance professionalism across the Air Force."
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